IRVINE, CA, and HERSTAL, BELGIUM – September 18, 2015 – MDxHealth SA (Euronext Brussels: MDXH) (the “Company”) announced today that it successfully completed the acquisition of all of the shares in NovioGendix Holding B.V. (“NovioGendix”). The acquisition of NovioGendix was announced on September 15, 2015 and the completion of the acquisition took place on September 18, 2015.

Under the terms of the agreement, MDxHealth will purchase all outstanding shares of NovioGendix Holding B.V. in a combined share and cash transaction for an aggregate purchase price of $8.8 million (or €7.75 million)[1], of which $5.1 (or €4.5 million1) shall be payable in new MDxHealth shares, $283,345 (or €250,0001) in cash, and up to an additional $3.3 (or €3.0 million1) in cash shall, subject to meeting certain milestones, be payable in six milestone payments.  In addition, MDxHealth will grant NovioGendix a bridge loan of $680,000 (or €0.6 million1) to repay outstanding debts of NovioGendix.

Nijmegen, the Netherlands – September 18, 2015 – NovioGendix was founded in 2007 by Prof. Dr. Jack Schalken, Dr. Willem Melchers and Rob Tweehuysen. Along with PPM Oost NV and Biogeneration Ventures BV, Tweehuysen invested in NovioGendix (Tweehuysen continued his activities in NovioTech).

NovioTech participation NovioSense BV enters into a major patent portfolio agreement with Gentag, Mayo Clinic and Fraunhofer IMS

Gentag, Mayo Clinic, NovioSense and Fraunhofer Join Forces to Lower the Cost of Diabetes Care Globally

WASHINGTON, ROCHESTER, Minn., NIJMEGEN, Netherlands and DUISBURG, Germany, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Exciting, new, patented technology platform poised to disrupt diabetes care delivery globally
  • Extremely low-cost, pain-free system could be a game changer
  • No more lancets, glucometers
  • Real-time cloud-based readings deliverable to caregivers and providers anywhere instantly via NFC cell phones
  • Opportunity to improve diabetes outcomes worldwide

Building on the long-standing collaboration between Gentag and Mayo Clinic, and the long-standing collaboration between NovioSense and Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS), Gentag and NovioSense today announced that they have formed a joint venture to combat the epidemic of type 2 diabetes that is overwhelming people and health care systems worldwide.

Using their patented combined assets that include advanced chemistry knowledge, proprietary sensor designs, and software and chip (ASIC) design capabilities, the four parties will combine forces to develop a mobile-phone based platform to bring very low-cost, on-demand pain free diabetes monitoring to people worldwide.  The technology will use consumers’ Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled smartphones as readers, replacing traditional glucometers.

The joint venture is covered by 75 issued patents worldwide and is significantly lower cost than current type 2 diabetes solutions.  Development will be carried out simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic by NovioSense BV and Gentag, Inc., together with the diabetes teams from Mayo Clinic and the sensor and NFC teams of Fraunhofer IMS.

The collaboration is a huge step forward in the commercialization of affordable, disposable diagnostic sensor systems powered by mobile phones.  Gentag and NovioSense bring in unique technology platforms for low cost disposable diabetes sensors powered by any NFC enabled mobile phone or device.  Mayo Clinic brings its medical expertise in diabetes and a global medical reach; it will write customized apps for diabetes monitoring applications.  Fraunhofer brings its advanced sensor and chip design capabilities.

“Many countries will need to deliver type 2 diabetes solutions to a third of their populations.  The status quo has to change and these technologies are a critical step in the right direction,” stated James Levine, MD, Ph.D., of the Mayo Clinic.

“By pooling our resources together, we are in a position now to dramatically advance diabetes monitoring.  Our patented technology allows us to make wireless sensors that are battery-less, disposable, painless and use cell phones or other NFC devices as glucometers.  Furthermore we can use the cell phones as controllers for insulin delivery, including disposable NFC insulin delivery systems, under our issued worldwide patents,” said Dr. John Peeters, CEO of Gentag.

“We want to make pain free glucose monitoring available to everyone independent of their socioeconomic status. It is only by increasing awareness and by making monitoring simple and affordable that we can hope to push back the tidal wave,” said NovioSense CEO Dr. Christopher Wilson.  “By creating a device powered only by the NFC antennas found in most modern smart phones, and combining this with a pain free sensor platform, we can cut the cost and burden of glucose monitoring dramatically.”

“This cooperation, especially with NovioSense BV, enables the Fraunhofer IMS once again to contribute with its competencies in the fields of microelectronic circuits, electronic systems and sensors, and bring those successfully to the market,” stated Professor Anton Grabmaier, Director of the Fraunhofer IMS.

The combined technology can be implemented for any diabetes application, including long-term implantable sensors, diabetes skin patches or eye (tear drop) sensors, or wireless insulin delivery systems controlled by mobile devices.

The group of Gentag, NovioSense, Mayo and Fraunhofer IMS technology and patents will be licensed, sold or co-developed with a large global partner interested in leading the next generation of diabetes monitoring.  The deal will be negotiated by Dennis Kozlowski, former CEO of Tyco International, who has been working with Gentag and Mayo Clinic Ventures team on this project since inception and will negotiate terms along with Bruce Kline, of Mayo Clinic Ventures.

About Gentag, Inc.

Gentag, Inc. is pioneering the use of disposable, ultrathin, wearable and immunoassay biosensors that can be read with NFC-enabled devices, which will make healthcare and consumer diagnostics more affordable and accessible to all worldwide. These products and services will revolutionize not only medical applications, but also location-based services and the detection of environmental threats in homes and workplaces. Gentag’s first wireless sensor network patent was filed in 1997. The NFC diabetes and NFC sensor network patents contributed by Gentag are held by Altivera, LLC, a Maryland company operated by Gentag and owned by its shareholders. For more information, visit and follow Gentag on Twitter (@gentagInc).

About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to medical research and education, and providing expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing. For more information, visit, or

About NovioSense BV

NovioSense BV has developed and patented a unique passive (battery-less) NFC sensor and proprietary coating chemistries for long-term diabetes sensors.   The diabetes sensor and NovioSense chemistries are a perfect match to the Gentag (Altivera) issued NFC sensor patents.  The joint technology can be adapted to any diabetes monitoring application.  For further information on NovioSense BV, please visit For media and images, please visit

About Fraunhofer

The Fraunhofer IMS is, through continued growth and innovative research and development, one of the leading institutes in Germany for applied research and development in microelectronics and CMOS technology for the past 30 years. The institute is a world-wide recognized partner to the industry, due to its broad know-how, its access to technologies and valuable development services. The Fraunhofer IMS offers a wide range of service of silicon based devices and systems as well as smart sensors, integrated circuits and discrete electronic systems.  It also offers the pilot fabrication of devices on a professionally managed CMOS and post-processing line in small and medium quantities. Products and services of the Fraunhofer IMS are deployed in a broad variety of application fields, always characterized by being efficient and close to the market.  For further information please visit the homepage of the institute:

For licensing rights please contact:

Bruce R. Kline
Mayo Clinic Ventures
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905
Phone: 507-266-4586

Dennis Kozlowski
Phone: 202-494-3950

Press Contacts

Marc Onigman
Phone: 617-413-2830

Christopher Wilson
Phone: +31 6 83 84 34 76


NovioTech is pleased to announce the establishement of a sister company in the south of Limburg, the Netherlands, called NovioMosae BV.

Noviomosae will focus on the development of IP and applications in close cooperation with local companies and knowledge centers.

The CEO of NovioMosae is Françoise de Goeijen.


Françoise de Goeijen
NovioPonics BV
Phone: +31 6 12993263
Visiting address: Molenveldlaan 43, 6523RJ Nijmegen
Registered Office: Kapellerweg 48, 6132AW Sittard
the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce Registration No.: 59611642

NovioPonics enters the first Startupbootcamp Smart Materials Program for crop protection

Startupbootcamp Smart Materials is Europe’s first business accelerator for materials.

March 31, 2015

NovioPonics won the selection of starting the Startup Bootcamp Smart Materials at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, the Netherlands.

Novioponics is active in crop protection and aims at reducing the use of pesticides. NovioPonics applies a hydrogel which is liquid in the cold state and, once heated, gelates. Due to the gel, the pesticides are applied evenly over the plant. Also, the drip, leak of pesticides in the soil, is considerably less (<50%), says Linde Zhou, CEO of Novioponics.



NovioPonics BV:
Linde Zhou, CEO
tel. +31 24 7114278

Cutting in half the use of crop chemicals through an innovative dosing system.

Nanomedicine for periodontal disease

February 3, 2015 (Radboud University)

Periodontal diseases, including periodontitis and peri-implantitis, are oral infections associated with inflammation-mediated loss of the periodontal ligament (PDL) and/or supporting alveolar bone, which finally results in tooth/implant loss. Clinical treatment of periodontal diseases is very costly and time consuming.

Prof.dr. John Jansen and Dr. Fang Yang, Department Biomaterials, Radboud University Medical Center team up with Prof.dr. Alan Rowan, Cluster Molecular Chemistry, Radboud University to develop a more efficient therapy. They explore the efficacy of an injectable biomolecule delivery system, which includes a nanofibrous polyisocyanide gel, polyglycolic-lactid acid microspheres and pro-resolving agents to resolve inflammation.

The polyisocyanide gel – discovered by Rowan – stiffens in a warm environment .

The knowledge obtained from this project named BioPerio can also be used for treatment of other inflammatory diseases, including peritonitis, dermal inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis.

Technology Foundation STW granted the BioPerio-project 350.000 euro recently. BioPerio is part of the Radboud Nanomedicine Alliance.


In another project, the use of the supergel for wound dressing will be the topic of research.

Source: Radboud University

Secmatix and NovioTech are partners in this project with their own contributions

Supergel wound dressing

Two million euro grant for supergel wound dressing

Date of news: 2 February 2015 (Radboud University)

A biomimetic hydrogel for smart wound dressings will be made on basis of a super gel from Radboud University with the help of a large grant from ZonMW.

Imagine spraying on a smart liquid wound dressing, which immediately gelates, covering the wound, filling even deep ulcer wounds. A dressing which has nanosized pores which allows water to escape yet prevents bacteria from getting in, yet is smart and triggers rapid healing, stimulating the cells to grow in an ordered fashion preventing scarring. A smart material, which mimics the extracellular matrix found in your body aiding wound repair, yet can be easily applied and removed. This ideal dream material is at hand.

Molecular chemist Prof.dr. Alan Rowan from Radboud University immediately understood the biomedical promises of the ‘super gel’ he and his group discovered in 2013. With a two million euroZonMW 2-Treat Public-Private Partnership grant an application will be developed. Rowan will form a consortium with Prof.dr. John Jansen from Radboudumc, who is specialized in biomaterials and Prof.dr. Esther Middelkoop plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Free University Medical Center Amsterdam and the Dutch Burns Foundation Heli-X, BV to turn his hydrogel into biomimetic active wound dressings for direct application by the clinicians in burns and deep ulcer wounds.

ZonMW is the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development.

The smart wound dressings project is part of Radboud Nanomedicine Alliance.

In another project, the use of the supergel for periodontal disease wil be considered.

Source: Radboud University

Secmatix and NovioTech are partners in this project with their own contributions.

NovioSense Non-Invasive Tear Glucose Sensor Patent

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NovioSense BV today announced the issuance by the European Patent Office of a patent that discloses a wireless flexible spring like sensor for detection of glucose levels in tear fluid. This invention contributes to the non-invasive near field communications (NFC) trend sweeping the medical device industry.

“The patent claims our proprietary technology platform that allows wireless measurement of biomarker levels utilizing an electro active redox enzyme system combined with near field communications found in many smart phones”

The patent with publication number EP2699690B1 is for a medical device making use of a flexible wireless sensor system based on an electrochemical cell utilizing a hollow coil electrode.

“The patent claims our proprietary technology platform that allows wireless measurement of biomarker levels utilizing an electro active redox enzyme system combined with near field communications found in many smart phones” said Dr. Christopher Wilson CEO, NovioSense BV. “This first patent award is a significant value creation step for NovioSense and is currently being utilized in our tear glucose sensor.” he said.

The granting of this patent is a step forward in the commercialization of a tiny sensor that sits in the lower eyelid to continuously measure glucose levels in tears for use in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. It further protects the NovioSense technology for use of the flexible electrochemical sensor or the measurement of a wide range of small molecule biomarkers found in many biological fluids inside and outside of the body including blood, saliva and urine.

“With the introduction of contactless communications capable of powering passive sensors into mainstream smartphones the opportunities to deliver exciting products for diabetics and glucose management will continue to grow. Today non-invasive glucose measurement is becoming increasingly competitive. We have found ourselves competing with multinational technology and pharmaceutical companies such as Google and Novartis” said Dr. Wilson. “NovioSense is very active in the space of connected medical sensors and we believe we are leading the way to non-invasive micro sensors. We are actively seeking ways to exploit our technology base in new application domains.” he said.

About NovioSense BV

NovioSense BV was founded in July 2012 as a joint venture between NovioTech BV in Nijmegen (NL) and Fraunhofer IMS in Duisburg (DE). The company has raised financing from regional seed fund PPM Oost and Health Innovation Fund as well as in the form of a European Subsidy as part of the InterReg IV A Telemedicine Project. The aim of the company is to develop a clinical prototype device to prove the principle of glucose measurement in tears and to seek strategic partnerships to bring the technology to the market. NovioSense is entering clinical trials of its sensor systems for tolerance and expects to address efficacy in 2015 with market introduction to commence in 2018. The company is actively seeking strategic partnerships with medical device and smartphone manufactures to accelerate its path to market and to explore the application of its technology platform into new directions. For further information on NovioSense BV, please visit For media and images please visit


NovioSense BV:
Dr. Christopher Wilson CEO
tel. +31 6 83 84 34 76

Sinensis Life Sciences acquires Spinnovation

Press Release Sinensis – Acquisition Spinnovation – 19 September 2014

Sinensis Life Sciences B.V., Leiden, the Netherlands, announces today that it has acquired Spinnovation Holding B.V., Oss, the Netherlands, a contract research organisation specialised in the application of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological market.
September 19, 2014, Leiden, Oss, the Netherlands

Spinnovation was one of the participations in the Hanssen/Tweehuysen portfolio.

NovioSense glucose sensor and Google

Last Thursday (January 16, 2014) Google unveiled a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tear fluid. According to Google it will take at least five years to reach consumers.

NovioSense develops a sensor based on the same substrate as Google’s (tear fluid) and NovioTech thinks that Google has a very interesting technology. However, NovioTech believes that the technology of its spin-off company NovioSense has advantages. NovioSense has, together with the Fraunhofer IMS institute in Duisburg, Germany, developed a first working prototype of its glucose sensor for measuring glucose concentrations in tear fluid.

See the NovioSense website here for more information on the NovioSense technology.

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